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Atari 800XL

“IT Shouldn’t Hurt, If IT Hurts You’re Doing It Wrong!”

Some thirty plus years of technology experience since I was a kid at my mom’s kitchen table with an Atari 800XL have passed and we’ve come so far.  I can recall begging my mother for her old black and white cathode ray tube (CRT) TV so I could hook up my new toy on the kitchen table permanently with no regard for others.  It seems like just a few months ago that we were using cassette tapes (remember those?!) to store programs we spent hours typing, sometimes leaving the computer on overnight because we weren’t done and just hoping nobody turned it off or we didn’t have a power outage.  Today of course that seems silly with auto-save every 20 seconds and USB storage devices the size of your thumbnail that can store whole sections of the Library of Congress!  Oh how technology has evolved in just 30 short years.  I’m sure even a caveman could look back on his life and observe the progress of technology, can you imagine how fire and the wheel really changed them?

The point of all of this nostalgia is to provide a jumping off point for today’s technology and how as advanced as it seems to be it can also be overwhelming for those that aren’t necessarily comfortable with it.  My generation (Gen X) isn’t the first to grow up experiencing a major change in how the world communicates (i.e.: Pony Express, airmail, the telegraph, the telephone, etc) but we are the first to experience how rapidly the world has embraced that change.

Reaching 50 Million Users
Adoption by 50 million users through history. Pokemon Go probably beat Angry Birds by a few weeks!

I imagine that there must have been early adopters of the telephone who saw the potential of the technology but inversely also those that probably called it an instrument of the devil, as I’m sure some do today with the iPhone.  Having an early adopter mindset has benefited me in the respect that I have usually heard the good and the bad by the time a particular technology becomes mainstream and can judge pretty well if it’s something people are going to truly embrace or shun.

Ultimately my experiences with technology have led me to this conclusion, it’s a great time to be alive to witness and work with technology and all the benefits it brings to this community we call planet earth.  My understanding and passion for technology has also lent itself to provide for me a business I call my own that allows me to share my passion for all things technology with those that may or may not be as passionate.  I consider myself a teacher of sorts, an ear to bend when something isn’t working as expected, and a guru that can help those in need to make technology work for them.

Cryptolocker Screenshot
Specimen A: CryptoLocker ransomware that has cost hundreds of businesses millions of dollars in ransom and lost productivity.

Technology is simple, but it’s not always easy, and to understand everything about the technologies that go into helping a modern day business function efficiently and effectively is quite literally a full time job.  So when your network decides it’s time to take an unscheduled coffee break or you turn on your laptop and get a demand for ransom that looks suspiciously like our little red friend here, call us.  We may not be able to do much for your first encounter with ransomware but we can certainly work on a fix and make damn sure we help you put technology in it’s place so you don’t get another visit.  And remember, “IT shouldn’t hurt, if IT hurt’s you’re doing it wrong!”