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Managed Services

Every industry has buzz words and catch phrases that help people in those business environments function a little easier, in the SMB (small and medium business) information technology “industry” one of those terms is Managed Services. Managed Services in a one short sentence are:

“The care and feeding of your technology by us so you don’t have to…”

As a business owner or manager you are constantly wearing different hats and changing said hats more than a few times in any given day, sometimes within minutes. The demands each of these roles vary and of course when it comes to your office technology you undoubtedly either wear the “IT Guy” hat or have tried to delegate somebody else in the office to wear it. If you’ve gotten really lucky you’ve had somebody in your office step-up and volunteer to be the “IT Guy”. So now your technology is taken care of and works as expected one hundred percent of the time – right?!


“I.T. Shouldn’t Hurt! If it hurts, you’re doing it wrong!”

So once you decide that just maybe it’d be a good idea to bring somebody in to help wear the “IT Guy” hat you just have to narrow it down. Do you call your friend from college who “does a little IT work now and then,” or your sister’s socially awkward teenage son who knows more about computers than anybody his age should? Once you do that how much time and effort do you expect them to give you? Are they another employee or a contractor? Does simply bringing them into the building cause more of a headache than the relief you were hoping for?

The better option of course is to work with an organization that has the experience and day to day operational ability to make sure your IT doesn’t hurt. That relationship can be as simple as a few hours a month watching and maintaining your computer network all the way up to augmenting your staff with an on-site “IT Guy” who can address everything from the same computer network to your printers, phone systems, mobile devices, and even off-site cloud services.




While each of our managed service plans include specific items we can add anything to these plans and adjust our pricing to your specific needs.  If your own or manage a small business located in Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Queen Creek, or Apache Junction pickup the phone and give us a call right now, let’s discuss how we can work together to make sure your IT doesn’t hurt anymore!