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Virtual CIO

Your Technology Isn’t Going to Upgrade and Maintain Itself…But If You’re Looking For A Company To Delegate These Decisions To, Look No Further!

If you’re like 90 percent of the business owners we’ve met, you barely have time to work on making your day to day operations happen smoothly without either a) having more work than daylight, or b) feeling so over-whelmed trying to get stuff done you just wish you had an expert on speed dial.  We can’t be you’re everything expert but we can most certainly be a trusted advisor that can not only talk human (not geek) with you about technology and how it impacts your business, but also plan and execute projects on those discussions.  Some examples of what we can help with:

  • Develop an Information Technology(IT) strategy to include planning, budgeting, and execution roadmaps that align with your larger business goals.
  • Refine business processes through analysis and automation to make you and your organization more effective AND more efficient.
  • Develop technology policies such as privacy and acceptable use policies and one implemented, help ensure compliance
  • Let us manage your technology vendors so you have a buffer between you and often frustrating customer service representatives  (imagine never having to talk to the phone company again!)
  • IT Performance Measurement to provide you with meaningful metrics that we can work with you to adjust over time to improve processes and effectivness.

Virtual CIO services can be provided on an agreed service plan or on an as needed basis, providing your business with the type of Information Systems consulting that is typically reserved and budgeted for by large companies.  Our Goal as your Virtual CIO is to become not only your go to technology resource, but your trusted resource.  Call us at (480) 382-8566 to schedule an appointment.